Crisis Management & Media Training @ Oriel

Coaching Methodology

Our involvement begins with the briefing itself where we don't just do the need analysis for NOW but bring our experience and skills to look at what kind of skill set will be required in keeping with the growth and role profile of the participants.

Accordingly, we define the framework and develop the course-ware. The whole process is interactive and the participants are also involved to ensure that the program is customized completely to suit the immediate and near-future needs of the participants, thus eliminating all possibilities of ambiguity of all sorts.

Key highlights of our coaching methodology

  • Identifying individual problem areas: Each participant is tested for his own set of problem areas. A specially designed test identifies the learning needs which becomes the basis for customized coaching.
  • Interactive Learning: Each session is interactive and is designed to quicken the learning process.
  • Participative Teaching: Individuals participate in group discussions, question-answer sessions and role-plays thereby shedding individual inhibitions.
  • Teaching Aids: Modern teaching aids, such as video and audio cassettes & CDs, pictures and charts, help to demonstrate and illustrate a difficult task and show the correct ways.
  • Real-Life Applications: Every topic and lesson is rehearsed for real life situations and participants are made to learn how to apply their learnings in day-to-day life.

Pre-training follow-up:
Assessment Test to participants, one week before the programme. Training Manager's feedback on participants

Online feedback and support to participants Follow-up with updates, once in two months Advanced follow up programmes, quarterly.

Coaching Methodology