Crisis Management & Media Training @ Oriel

Crisis Management

Crises do not come with an appointment. It can strike any business at any time. It could be a corporate governance issue, a disgruntled employee, a plant by competitor, a fracas at the factory or on action by the authority or simple a call by any rent-a-course bridge a collateral damage is done. To recover from it you require compelling strategy and impeccable implementation that could leave nothing at chance.

Our expertise and experience in managing crises communication for our clients through fast response timely communication and ability to put together a crisis management plan and its implementation has protected and rebuilt many reputations. The success have endured to the clients today this practice of ours is high end and unique in many ways where we have to built in cross function abilities ranging from reputation management, public affairs, media and online onslaught.

Some of the topics covered under this program are:

  • Anticipation and preparation.
  • Simulation of unexpected crisis.
  • Identifying sources of crisis.
  • Pre-emptive and response strategy.
  • Understanding wet-blanketing.
  • Identifying communication priorities in managing a crisis situation.
  • Key initiatives to convey the right message.
  • Communicating key messages in concise and effective manner.
  • Developing and managing effective internal communications.
  • Plugging negative communication leakages.
  • Managing multiple pressure points and addressing core issues.
  • Evaluating media coverage and managing public opinion.
Crisis Management